Wednesday, January 16, 2013

About Me and a Freebie!

Today I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am teaching for my third year in Massachusetts: first I taught preschool, then fourth grade special education co-teacher, and now 7th and 8th grade Lifeskills (a substantially separate special education classroom). I am growing older every year it seems.
I LOVE having my very own classroom this year. It is equally the most challenging position I have held. I am responsible for so much paperwork, and I still have a class of 7 students with me all day. I have 3 aides, yes 3, so we are able to do a LOT of 1:1 support. This is fantastic. We require that time as my students range from accessing preschool curriculum to accessing late elementary curriculum. They need me to plan a curriculum just for them! I have found ways to group students for different activities and on occasion I differentiate a lesson enough that I am able to get all of my students working together. It takes time and a bit of creativity but it is so fun when it works right!

I am a graduate student at Lesley University and I will graduate in December of 2013 with my Masters in Severe Disabilities. I am absolutely loving graduate school. Great friends, great professors, great ideas. I love learning something one night and applying it the next day in the classroom. School and school are my life right now. Except my boyfriend. He makes dinner sometimes so that makes him pretty important too ; D

I love to craft, cook, read, sing in my car, scrapbook, play video games, and pinterest! Maybe this blog will be on my love list soon. I will have to get used to logging on regularly. I do follow some of my favorite blogs rather religiously, you blogging teachers have fabulous ideas! I spent last night trying to join a linky party, but I just couldn't figure out how to link in- anyone want to explain?

 Lastly, I'd like to offer this little freebie.

This activity is a great listening center for a math class! It works on place value and listening skills. I open this activity to students who need extra practice identifying numbers. I will record myself saying numbers (Through the 10,000 place value) and have students listen and write the number they hear. I give directions at the start of the recording: Listen, write, record. I make sure to speak slowly and repeat each number 3 times. We spend a lot of time teaching students to read numbers, but how much time do you spend teaching students to listen and understand numbers? This is a necessary and functional skill!

I personally use the classroom IPAD to record numbers. I can use a students answers to confirm that he/she is absorbing our place value practice and use it as data for progress or even a grade because it was completed completely independently!

My Best,

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