Thursday, August 1, 2013

Educational Websites

If you've been reading all week, I hope you have found a few new resources! If today is your fist day checking out my blog, don't forget to look back at all of the technology posts I have shared this week! Today I will be talking about my go-to websites for on-line learning. A few of these have a subscription cost, but not many. If you like the site, check your local library website to see if they have a subscription already. This is how I access 2 of the sites below! Since I want this to be a resource for you, I am not going to bulk this post down with my blah blah. Most of the sites I will simply list and let you explore. I will talk about my two favorites though, I just can't resist! I even added a video for my favorite math site below, hopefully since I didn't talk too much you will watch the video. 

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This online leveled books reading library is a great way to target independent reading. A classroom subscription is $89.95 for the year for up to 36 students. I think it is well worth the price since it requires very little upkeep and can be used daily. As the books are correlated with many major reading assessments, it can be used for appropriate skill building. There is even individual student data collection embedded into the program for comprehension and fluency progress! I love assigning reading on this site for nightly homework, now parents don't have the additional job of finding appropriate reading for their child! This is an easy way to differentiate reading tasks without the kids noticing. 


  1. Math Playground
  2. Cookie   (This is all subjects!!)
  3. IXL Math
  4. AplusMath
  5. LearningPlanet
  6. Khan Academy

This is my go-to for math. If you've ever wondered about the flipped classroom, this is where to start. This free site offers teachers and students a whole new way to engage in the act of learning. This resource has a video library on a wide range of math topics, a very wide range. I've had kids working on addition and subtraction, but the skills go all the way through 12th grade. This is a site that can literally grow with the student. After the videos, there are practice problems to support your practical learning of the concepts. If your not getting it, the site will provide hints. It won't "pass you" until you have really shown an understanding.  For my students who prefer to learn independently, this site really works for them. I worked with a student with Autism this past school year who was particularly successful learning math on this site. Teachers can see student data, and even get a summary of class performance. How cool is that? Here is the creator giving a Ted talk on Khan Academy:

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  1. These are great lists. I am using worksheets for teaching math to my students. As thanksgiving is in this month, for my K-5 students i am using colorful, free worksheets to practice math. They enjoy these worksheets because they are practicing math by drawing, coloring, and solving puzzles.