Friday, August 2, 2013

Technology for Teachers and a Freebie!

Yay for Friday! I have compiled some great sites for teachers. If your a new teacher, this list is going to be gold. If your a veteran teacher, I hope the list reminds you of a resource your forgot about, or maybe, just maybe, I found something new to share with you. Before I share my technology for teachers though, I am linking up with Teaching Blog Addict for Freebie Friday, don't forget to click the link and check out all of the fun freebies!

Freebie Fridays Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

What I love most about this product is the awesome slider choice maker I crafted (if you look in the product picture above, the finger will slide to 1,2,3 depending on what type of problem it is!) Here are the directions to DIY!

Moving along to Technology for Teachers. Here I want to share the multitude of websites and apps that help me plan, create materials and print worksheets from. 
These sites are my yearly subscriptions and well worth the investment. I share with a few other SPED teachers. All of them offer all subject areas as well as some themed topic activities and worksheets. Teacher File Box includes all of the resources you might find in purchasing an Evan Moore curriculum book. love that I can search by grade level, subject, and CCSS. 
Reading A-Z is great for printable leveled readers. If you read Thursday when I mentioned RAZ Kids then you may have already found out about Reading A-Z. Unfortunately, they are separate subscriptions, however, purchasing both can reduce the price. This is a great leveled reader series. 
News2You is specifically made for children with special needs. This visual news series is amazing! Love the leveled readers and the fact the we can keep up with current events, hello social studies curriculum. Whats even better is that every week they release a boatload of new worksheets  to cover: Current Events, Vocabulary, Recipe, Interactive PowerPoint, Joke, Puzzles / Games, Assessment, Skill Worksheets, Sports News, Holidays, Communication Board, Science Experiment. Couldn't be more awesome! The readers even come in a high, medium, and low reading level. Love how easy it is to differentiate!

  1. Super Teacher Worksheets $19.95
  2. EdHelper $19.99
  3. Teacher File Box by Evan Moore $99.95
  4. Reading A-Z $89.95
  5. Enchanted Learning $20.00
  6. News2You $149.00
  1. Have Fun Teaching
  2. Common Core Sheets
  3. A to Z Teacher Stuff
  4. Kid Zone
  5. DLTK Crafts for Kids
  6. ABC Teach
  7. Education
  8. TLS books
  9. Worksheet Fun
  10. Kids Pages
  11. Worksheet Works
  12. Worksheet Genius
  13. Kids Learning Station
  14. Kids Front
  15. SchoolSparks
  1. Boggles World ESL
  2. Florida Center for Reading Research
  3. Free Phonics Worksheets
  1. Boardmaker Share
  2. Do2Learn
  4. Tinsnips
  5. Cindy's Autistic Support
  6. Building Blox (Visual worktask ideas)
  7. Ms. Sue's OT Room
  8. Speaking of Speech Materials Exchange
  1. Kids Tube
  2. BrainPop (Not all free)
Hope this list helps! Thanks for reading and don't forget to go back up and get your Problem Solving Freebie!

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